The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

2,500,000 for the casino addict :)

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Friendly PSA to Sand Casino addicts

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If you're a casino addict, don't give your kids shit for being video game addicts

I'm a 25 year old man with a math degree and I love video games. my parents have given me shit about it since I was 5. But these retards are into throwing away money into a fucking slot machine for fun. How is that any better than playing video games? at least video games are winnable. Proving slot machines are scams was fucking freshmen statistics. I will play video games proudly until the day I can't see anymore.
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Vegas Slot - Casino addict? This slot machine is made for you! Enjoy the game and atmosphere of your favorite casino!

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Isn't the new MGM Grand commercial depicting the ultimate casino addiction behavior?

Friends party? Go to the casino. Arbor Day? Go to the casino. Neighbor just used the bathroom? Go to the casino. ...
Why are they celebrating addiction? Might as well be a commercial for heroin.
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How do you overcome your alcohol / casino addiction?

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German Media Speculates Casino-Addicted Amine Harit to Exit Schalke 04

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My worthless cousin just got arrested, there’s so much hidden drug paraphernalia in the house and she left us with a €4,000 debt more or less from her casino addiction. What should I do?

As the title says, my cousin just got served and she left drugs and a couple of bills loosely worth €4,000. I am in need of help and I do not know if I can pull this off, my parents are going apeshit. She wasn’t always like this, she just went to Uni and being influenced by her “awesome friends”, she has changed from former academic achiever into alcoholic frat girl junkie in less than a year. Please help!
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[PC] Vanguards Vendetta Recruitment

Vanguards Vendetta
”We are a solid group of nontoxic players around the whole world with all from 14 year olds to 40+. And all of this in just mere 20ish members””We have a discord that is the heart of our communication for ingame and outside the game convos” Bla bla bla but they are true!

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SUGGESTION: Replace the duel arena with an actual sand casino including slots, blackjack and roulette. Add a bingo too while you're at it. At least then we don't have to fake the duel arena being a place for gambling addicts.

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I'm a recovering gambling addict that constantly receives texts from online casinos. No matter how many times I opt out they do not stop. Some opt out links don't even work. My blacklist is MASSIVE. Some of the biggest ass holes in the world right here.

I'm a recovering gambling addict that constantly receives texts from online casinos. No matter how many times I opt out they do not stop. Some opt out links don't even work. My blacklist is MASSIVE. Some of the biggest ass holes in the world right here. submitted by SlayingNieve to assholedesign [link] [comments]

I (26F) don't know how to break up with my unstable partner (27F)

Hey, So I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost a year and perhaps we went too fast but things are pretty out of hand now and I think it's time to call quits. When we started dating she mentioned depression, an addiction to the casino, addiction to drugs etc but the more I've been able to get to know her the more serious I've noticed it is. She's lost up to 3k in the online casino one night and makes it extremely uncomfortable by asking for money weeks later after she offers to pay something for example 'remember when you offered to pay for dinner and I said I'd pay, well can I take up your offer now, I need the money'. I am evasive in conflict and try to turn away when there is a discussion but she explodes and says meanful things like I'm impossible or worthless, then says she didn't mean it and was just angry but it's practically impossible for me to remove the thought of her saying all that from my mind. She is on anti depressants and has only been on them for a month so hopefully they will become more efficient over the next few weeks but I'm truly exhausted. I have left the city for a few weeks to see family and get a break from all this and realized I truly do need to stay away from all that darkness and focus on my growth and my self. I don't know how to confront her without her exploding or reacting in a bad way. I also don't want to hurt her. Please help :(
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AITA for not telling my mother her mother died ?

Hello nice people of AITA, i am really torn on this subject and i really need an outsider POV.
My grandmother died a few days ago. My family didn't bother to call or notice that she died. I learned it through facebook on a relative account i never speak with.
My mother has a really difficult story with her mom. They've been no contact for over 12 years after years and years of physical and mental abuse. My grandmother always resented her from the day she was born because she stole her young days, she had my mom at 16. Back then, it wasn't something common. I had little contact while growing up with my grandmother and the few times i saw her, she hitted my mother very hard or throw us out in the middle of the country at midnight with nowhere to go.
Last time we saw them, it was for my grandfather funeral. And even there my family had to be the worst. My grandfather worked all his life and put money on a side account for my mom and her sister so they will never had to worry about anything. But my aunt made my mom believe my grandmother had a casino addiction. My mom is very nice and it took her a lot of years and a lot of therapy to see the abuse. So my mom gave my grandmother the money, then my grandmother gave it to my aunt so she could buy a summer house in the country. The day we burried my grandfather, in front of the grave, other members of the family came to ask for money because " they deserve it ".
Now, after 30 years of therapy, good medication and a lot of support, she found stability. She tries her best to be happy. Before when my aunt or my grandmother were mentionned, she used to burst in tears, scream and lock herself in a room. She cried for a few days until she could have an appointment with her therapist.
I won't lie, it was a big struggle for my dad and i too and we keep mark of this, it wasn't easy.
My mother doesnt know her mom died. I am really torn. In one way, i feel like i should tell her because it's her mom and i couldn't imagine not knowing my mom died. But on the other hand, it's still an open wound for her and it took her a long time to deal with this and finally have a stability in her life.
I can't be objective on the subject, i feel angry and i hated them for my whole life. My dad thinks we shouldn't tell her. He thinks she deserves a bit of happiness, it won't bring her closure to feel rejection once again from the whole family.
We tried to contact her therapist but he has no disponibility at the moment and due to COVID, it's not going to be anytime soon.
Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.
So reddit, AITA for not telling my mother her mother died ?

TLDR: My grandmother used to physicaly and mentally abuse my mom. She died and no one in the family told her. I don't know if i should tell her or no.

Edit: I've learned that she died a few hours ago.
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Having a shit moment right now.. Addict mom pissed at me for not lending her casino money and making me feel like shit.

I'm the most financially responsible person in my family. Both my parents are addicts, my mom is a gambler and my dad is an alcoholic. About 5 minutes ago my mom was basically begging me to lend her some money and we both knew what it was for. I begged and pleaded and told her I would take her to the beach, watch a movie, do anything but go gambling. She was getting better... now we're back to this. I really fucking hate it and she makes me feel terrible for saying no. Thanks for letting me rant.
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My (30M) best friend is pretty honest about my relationship and I don't wanna marry anymore

Me and my best friend grew up together so pretty much there is no secret between us. He is a straight 10 but extremely shy and was casino addicted (which we solved together) meanwhile I am maybe a 7, fit and earn a lot as a CEO/Engineer. Last two big relationships I had were great (from sex to a personal level) and I thought my fiancee were good people at least until I brought them into my friends group. They both tried to start something shady with my friend (and he showed me proof they were sexting and/or trying to cheat on me with him). With the first one I was even 2 months away from wedding which is kinda sad. I'm happy I have such a good friend but have lost a bit of faith in relationships considering also I'm getting older and I wanna start a family which I worked for it for a long time since it has always been a big objective of mine. Glad if you wanna share some thoughts on my situation and give advice Thanks
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how do i convince my dad to not bring my cousin to work at the family business?

hi my dad owns a business. i'm a 14 year old female. you might be wondering why i don't want any of my cousins in the family business. i know i might sound like a brat at the moment or that i am selfish. truth is it's because well to be quite honest there's a lot of rivalry in my family. first of all this boy who is my cousin is the son of my dad's sister who is very close with my dad's brother. my dad's brother in short is very lazy and has a casino addiction. my dad bought him a house and also pays for his daughter's university. i was ok with this i mean ok yeah sure they never even bother to call during the holidays and have never even bothered to get me a card. but i felt that if my dad had the money he could do it if he wanted to. his wife however has spent a large amount of time humiliating my mom. you see ten years ago my dad wasn't this businessman he is today. the family used to give thousands of dollars to my dad's brother. but of course they spent it drinking and stuff like that. and now as if none of that was enough they want my cousin who is also 14 to work in the family business. i do not want this not because i'm jealous, it's simply because i don't know any of these people, except for the fact that they enjoy living off other people, and because i am aware they want to proffit of my dad. so how do i do it? how do i convince my dad to not do all of this? it's simply stupid on his part. also please do excuse my english i'm from the old continent.
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Is it going to hold on?

I really started playing about an week and i didnt played since day one, im at rank 33 and i didnt purchased nothing cause i had way too little experience to know if it was worth spending, (it is for sure not worth a penny in its current state) I dont want to discuss too much about that because there are posts who clarified this way better than i ever could that the game in is current state is absolute garbage gameplay-wise
But now i was expecting a update soon to fix these extreme major issues early on and actually allow me more than an 10 min gameplay everyday. They posted an roadmap saying the most close update we getting v1.1 will come by middle of november, day 11? This game is completely dry and there is absolutely nothing more to do other than wait with single week of playing and they expect it to hold on this state for an entire month? It will die by next week!

Dead End

There is nothing to grind, nothing to achieve, and i alredy mapped and collected enough stuff to cook for pretty much any situation i find myself in. All my mine deposits are respawning, the quest tab is completely empty, no commisions, alredy looked up guides for finding the random missions and even collected achivements by finding stuff such as books. I got my stamina maxed out, not a single collectiable i left out.
They handcrafted this world, to you to walk and get lost doing collecting, raiding villages, doing little random puzzles, following wisps around, and opening chests, lots of chests, it was as fun as it could be! I enjoyed myself a lot, but after you did your first exploration the map just plain dries out? And now these landscapes are there, doing nothing for the rest of your journey into the game? The gameplay loop core of the game just.. STOPS and leaves the player with nothing to do, other than get bored and leave?
Please dont come comenting and saying crap about you should play slow and that you should basicaly "manage your fun" because "You should play slow and intentionally keep yourself from exploring, cuz' thats the way too play the gaem" Srly if you think games should work like that you gotta be deeply brainwashed or something because its complete BS.
Everything you do in these lands are obsolete and pretty much dont progress you in any way into the game, Monster drops or maybe ores but they are useless without the prototype, walled of by and week respawn timer, what a shame. They market it and made a great job on making this game fun by letting you go and explore and just struck a lot of random fun stuff but they could not make this cycle repeat? Because after you hit AR25 and above the game changes into this timer where you wait resin to come to make minimal progress then leave, compared to early on the game where you could with ease spend the entire day exploring. The map is huge, there is no way to explore every single inch and remember everything, why they could not just put an re-exploration mechanics instead of blocking of players from making progress by playing it?
The random wooden chests respawn are not even remotely worth my time, i just fly over empty lands looking for little pennies? These wooden chests are petty, not worth the time wasted looking for them it so unrewarding...
The game straight tells you to stop playing it, by boring the heck out of you. And no money i could ever spend would fix it, because them i would be paying to grind boring crap dungeons which are just plain arena set on a void landscape, even if i unlocked characters, rolled as many 5* i could it would not bring back the actual fun core gameplay loop which is aparently gone and not coming back until new map. Compared to the rest of the experience i had early on this is just not fun, The only thing i got to overtake is the spiral abyss. There is nothing more, and the only way is grinding for stuff by plain waiting, how fun.
If they are making us players wait 30 days until a major change, expect for more than half the playerbase be dead, even whales since no money can fix these huge gameplay system flaw. Unless their casino addiction hold them for an entire month with no content whatsoever and just plain grinding dungeons just to play spiral abyss with some bigger stats.
I expected Breath of the wild JRPG, i got that. for a week, then it just half-done gameplay. How they could mess up that so hard. There is nothing to explore on a game that takes inspiration on a game which you go out and find cool stuff randomly exploring. BOTW was more than a week worth of fun, that is plain fact, the gameplay loop keeps the player engaged for so long even with the limited map.

About Co-op

The Co-op is so boring, really. Nobody game tested that? its so plain and full of nothing, you run around, and just look the host doing stuff while you stand there not going even an step further with your own progress which come to a total halt when on co-op. Basically ALL the Co-op worth stuff (Domains, bosses) Are locked behind resin, cuz "its sure great to be limited how much you can have fun with mates by stamina". Also dungeons are so short, you do them in 2 minutes max, with friends even faster, then you part ways cuz there is nothing else to do, bosses are the same, dont go over 5 minutes of fun then "oh look 3/120 Resin".
My friends and i joined this thinking we were going to join eachother and go 4 guys exploring around and killing stuff. First we had to reach AR 16 (About 12+ hours of playing) to find out it is no fun, you cant do nothing at all, cant solve puzzles, can open chests, receive absolute bullcrap when killing stuff, cant do random quest you find around, you cant have FUN, better of not having co-op at all if its meant to be like that. They explicit market it was "go and explore the world with your friends in co-op". While it actually is a poorly done limited multiplayer.

My conclusion on this...

Just letting clear that if they wont change anything, the game will be simply dead by november, everyone by then will have reached this plain dead end and quit all my friends got to this point and stopped, i would give it another chance with another week, but an entire month of 10 minute poor gameplay basicaly collecting dust and some stats? Aint even worth my time opening it! What a shame, see that they created this world to it end like this in just about weeks. There is no fun to go around anymore...
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Failed casino owner is so addicted to bragging about himself that he can contradict himself in the very next sentence without a hint of irony.

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IsItBullshit: Many, MANY freemium mobile games (like Candy Crush) are designed in collaboration with "Casino Experts" from Las Vegas, in order to make them more "addictive" and gain more money from players?

I saw that claim somewhere but cannot remember where
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Lottery Players Are Rude Self Centered Addicts Who Think The Convenience Store Is The Casino Royale And They're "A Player" I Disagree, Karen

Happens every time. A line 2,3,4 deep at the quickie mart or the 7-11 or the Stewarts or whatever your local Stop-N-Rob joint is called that sells lottery tickets. In walks Ms. Karen or Mr. My Future Is Bleak and apparently the line is not for them... they're "just playing the lottery." Step right up to whatever part of the counter is closest to the lottery machine (usually within proximity of the register) and thinks they're the next customer to be attended to because it's not like they're buying something... WTF? They often quickly scan the waiting customers and grimace as if to communicate "I go first because I'm cashing a winning ticket I bought yesterday/earlielast week so I'm already a customer due money so this is more of a returns line than a purchase line... " As soon as the customer being rung up is done, "Player" says "I Just want this scanned... Oh and gimmee a Lucky 7 and 2 cash-4-life and and and... tonight's numbers 5-2-9-1 box and and and..." (adds up the total in their head while the scanned scratch off yields 1.00 credit)
Then despite the display with the tiny pencils and the Mega-Millions or Powerball scan-tron forms they just HAVE to vocalize their winning picks and make the cashier enter their game, draw date, and each number picked and the powerball number by hand, taking 10x longer... because it was a split second decision to play it at all... because they won't play when the jackpot doesn't rise to their "standards" but just noticed it's way up there so why not?
Well Ms. Thang, after you asked for 12-17-41-21-8 and PB 5... I stepped right up while you were filing all your future broken dreams like bent heroin spoons in your purse and immediately demanded the EXACT SAME NUMBER COMBINATION and smiled as you looked at me in horror and disgust and uttered "Hey you can't do that!" Oh but I can my disillusioned 1% wannabee, I can since you made your prediction public... which is why I answered "Let's keep our fingers crossed and we'll get to SHARE the grand prize! 50-50!"
Oh yes... I know you changed your numbers and got a refund while I waited outside in my truck, and came out to give me that look a Rothschild might give to a chimney sweep ... you didn't have to tell me your addiction to "what might be" can't be shared among anyone not of your choosing, because in your mind you've practically won just by playing and the dopamine is well into their receptors. Like a drunk you're not thinking rationally. You didn't have to wave your new choice of numbers in my face and stick your tongue out at me as if you won this round and say "I got new numbers you can keep 'em!" - because we're both losers. Or are we? Because after I replied "Excellent. I don't want to share 1/2 my prize with you anyway" and drove out I saw you GOING BACK IN. I just know what you're going to do. So maybe I did win this round.
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Penny Stock checklist

I am relatively new to penny stocks however I believe a checklist is important to validate an investment whether youre long or short investor. I noticed a lot of people say blanket statements like be diligent, research, and try to better yourself. Please add ONLY straightforward logical solutions for watching and investing penny stocks. This is what I do, feel free to add.
My Post market Checklist:
  1. Check if the stock gapped up: why did so many people invest in this stock? Is it a pump and dump based on P/E ratio?
  2. What is the volatility? Is it unpredictable behavior or does it have a reliable news cataliyst in the past to validate a good entry point with a market stop or breaking point?
  3. What is the short float percentage. Anything over 20% I wouldn't invest long. Also learn to read a balance sheet for SEC filings!
  4. What is the CEOs reputation I invested in OPK and I wish I did more research. Always check your CEOs history.
  5. What is my game plan? For the most part I lean towards getting cash and not getting caught holding the bag. Day trading requires 25K US cash and a more experienced trader. I typically enjoy week trading.
  6. What my exit strategy? What is my loss limit before I say the trend is over and I have lost. Cutting losses does not make you a pansy. If you don't know when to walk you are no different from a gambling casino addict.
  7. Please add your own advice below. No long stories or fluff just evidence for a logical investment. Thanks
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Slot psychology

Slots are suicide! They are a financial, mental and emotional death spiral. There is no nice jackpot/ on this path. The net result for you is a total nightmare.
Your life if you play slots...
The child friendly dancing symbols mask the dark algorithms of sly magicians. Their black widow slot machines are programmed to mesmerise. To decapitate your will and reason as the billion dollar industry spins its web of addiction around you.
Coffee with sugar, miss and mr? Enjoy the bookie's hospitality! The caffeine and sugar freebies jack you up for playing a long one, on a wrong one. To sit with a machine whose jackpot is long gone.
Symbols and sounds whirl and blind you. Are you having a good time? 0f course the system isn't rigged to screw you over. We are the good guys :-)
All the things you can and can't express, constellate in your symbolic duel with the slot villain and the forbidden mistress. So the 'fun' goes on and on, from 10 till 5pm. From 5pm till 4am until your very last coin disappears down the pan - again.
As the curtains fall on the silent reel, the machines will temporarily release you - their droid from your long trance. A pick pocket won't waste time picking empty pockets. No cash? Ah, poor you. The machine offers no second chance.
But you will return to chase the same outcome. The slot lobotomy ensures a downward spiral for the poor sods who accept the spinning reels and roulette for company. The damage is FAR from being done.
Slots are designed to pose-essss. How else could they take your mind off the fact - it takes you four weeks to earn your salary, but the machines get the lot - in a few hours, or less.
And the bookies just sit and watch, online or off. A great day for them 😄 Another addict in the net, net profit up - a nice promotion even. After all, they have their own addiction to protect. Bookies, bingo halls, casinos, addicts and government, all entangled in the same ugly spiraling web.
What prize awaits a slot zombie a few years down the line? Debt, bankruptcy, divorce, mental illness... suicide?
But if you know the truth of the machine, you may just survive.
Those machines are not your mates. They are not a harmless tryst with fate. Not unless your mates are psychopaths and thieves - who piggyback onto all your hopes and dreams, and worse - your weaknesses. Mates who leave you for dead, for profit and for fun.
Or scammers! WIN a voucher for a VIP meal for two in New York (flights and hotels not included). Five grand per ticket for a chance to WIN this top prize! Damn. You wouldn't be mugged by such an obvious scam.
Yet this is the financial REALITY behind the sham. The LIE, hidden by the glamour in the relentless ads and spam. The TRUTH behind the slots. The FOBTS. You are being fobbed-off, mocked, and robbed. One sly spin at a time.
If the fun stops, STOP. If the fun rots and ruins, STOP. If the fun is rotten to the core, STOP pretending SLOTS are nothing more than a bit of harmless fun.
STOP rip-off SLOTS and their bitter harvest jackpotz of wreck, debt and ruin.
Or, the RIP of people who could only purge themselves of these parasites by choosing death. Image that as the outcome of your bet.
So - before you trade yourself for a 50 quid sign on bonus (which could cost you your home). Please check the T&Cs. Is it really worth it?
map 2019
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Casino time! Gambling Addicts 101 💸💸👍👍🤣🤣 - YouTube Inside the brain of a gambling addict - BBC News - YouTube Gambling Addiction (My Story) - YouTube Gambling Addict sues Crown Casino Lynda Kinkade Reports ... Casino Gambling Addiction: How to Break Free - YouTube Casino Addict - YouTube Casinos and gambling addiction: behind the reporting (The ... How Casinos & Slot Machines Are Designed to Addict You ... 10 Signs You Are Addicted To Gambling: Stop Addiction To ...

Ham said that while there are likely “hundreds” of long-term gambling addicts in Sabuk, the casino is the “only one on Earth that limits the number of times a gamer can enter and we’re ... In MRI scans, certain areas of the brain light up when gambling addicts are exposed to betting situations, which doesn’t happen with non-addicts. So, it’s also a pathological process, not just ... Unlike in a real casino, there is no way to win money back or earn a payout on coins. But that has not stopped Shellz and her husband from spending about $150,000 in the game in just two years. Here you can view casino, sportsbook, and poker news updates. We deliver tips and tricks to better your gaming skills. Keep up to date with useful information from our blog. Learn more. Latest from the Blog. Quick Profits. There are many casino games at which you can win fast money. For some, this is an essential requirement when choosing a game. Winning fast money may not be necessary to you ... “When I found her at the casino, she was laden with debt from loan sharks,” Kim said, recalling his visit to Kangwon Land, the only casino of 17 in the nation open to Koreans. Realizing he no longer had a home to return to, he decided -- at the age of 77 -- to accept government subsidies provided to always promotes responsible gambling but our advice and information should not be used in lieu of seeking professional help. It is here simply to serve as guidance. Should you, a friend ... For instance, a person who practices binge gambling may only visit the casino five times per year but gamble non-stop for long periods during their stay. Cocaine use tends to be common among these gamblers since it produces stimulating effects of increased energy, alertness, focus, concentration, and confidence. Individuals with gambling disorders tend to suffer higher rates of co-occurring ... But then gambling addicts, both in and out of football, began to get in touch. They confided in him, and by the time he managed to "surrender" his habit, he was ready to help. Übersetzungen für 'gambling addicts' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen, ... Hey Addicts… Caption This! This Caption This! image is brought to us by Dorman01… So go ahead and caption away! If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption this!” post, email it to us at [email protected] you never know when yours might be next! 7 Comments. Posted in Caption This!, Tapped Out. Tagged Addicts Caption This, The Simpsons Tapped Out, TSTO Addicts ...

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Casino time! Gambling Addicts 101 💸💸👍👍🤣🤣 - YouTube

Failon Ngayon delves into gambling addiction in light of the recent deadly Resorts World Manila attack. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! - http://bit.l... Gambling Addiction (My Story)In this video Tony Swedberg talks to you about having a gambling addiction. Tony goes into telling you how much of a compulsive ... Casino Gambling Addiction: How to Break Free... Do you struggle with casino gambling addiction? ever tried and feel helpless? This video talks about what you... --Natasha Dow Schull, cultural anthropologist and associate professor at New York University, joins David to discuss her book "Addiction by Design" about gam... What happens inside the brain of a gambling addict when they make a bet - and can the secret to their addiction be found within the brain itself? BBC Panoram... A pathological gambler's is taking Crown Casino to the High Court in a fight to recoup $20 million. Lynda Kinkade reports for Today Tonight. This is a follow up to a video I released called:Life As a VIP High Roller At the Casino: What It's Like, Why I Gave It All Up and Gambling Addictionhttps://... A video collection of my slot play and wins. From my homeland of Ohio all the way to Vegas! A mixture of bonus rounds and live play. Hope you enjoy my videos... Always having FUN....make that money 💸💸👍👍like and subscribe Casinos and gambling addiction: behind the reporting: Mark Kelley discusses his latest investigation for The Fifth Estate, which reveals how provincial gover...