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TIL Las Vegas Almost Built a Full Scale USS Enterprise From STAR TREK. The project had funding, but was blocked by the CEO of Paramount.

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Bachelor Party Itinerary Review. Help me make sure we got it all covered.

Hey guys,
This forum has been a huge help in planning my buddies bachelor party, but I wanted to run down our proposed itinerary for our trip from April 2-5. We are coming from Florida, have a group of 11 guys ages 25-30, and are staying at Planet Hollywood. We fly in early Thursday and don't fly until 10 pm Sunday, both direct flights with JetBlue.
-Land at 11:45 am. Head to PH and try to check in early, then go hit a liquor store or Walgreens to load up on water, snacks, and alcohol.
-Roam the strip and gamble during the day. See the Bellagio fountains and all the other big Strip hotel/casinos.
-Grab a decent lunch (Need recommendations)
-Hit the High Roller Happy Hour then go see Absinthe.
-Explore Freemont Street Bars and Casinos the rest of the night.
-Good breakfast (Need Recommendations)
-Sapphire Pool Party. Renting Bachelor Cabana. (Please let me know if this is good or not)
-Regroup at the Hotel.
-Hit a nice dinner (Need Recommendations). Probably will be tough with the size of our group.
-Gamble and drink for while.
-Hit Palomino.
-Day Pass to spa in the morning to recuperate. May not be many of us but I know I'll be down for this. Need recommendations on good day pass spas on the strip.
-Possibly hit a traditional pool party at either Marquee, Drais, or Encore.
-Anyone recommend using the Sin City Pool or club crawl?
-Do a club crawl or hit a club since it will be out last night.
-Hit the Mob & Neon Museum
-Stroll Freemont one last time.
-Stroll the Strip and gamble one last time.
-Hit the hotel for a nap.
-Chill until flight.
This is a good outline of everything we plan on hitting. Was also thinking about a round of golf on Sunday since we don't fly out until 10pm. What golf courses are decently nice and about 70-100$ a man? None of us have ever been to Vegas so places to eat are where we mainly need help. Also, be as harsh as you want I don't want to waste time on something thats not worth it. We are a group that will have money to spend, I would say after booking everything each guy in our group is bringing about $1500-$2000 to spend.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated we are trying to nail this trip since we may all not be back together for a long time.
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Hey, you're going to Las Vegas for RLCS LAN? Here's a quick run down for what you need to know if you are not a regular.

I'm a Vegas regular. I travel there for work and play between 6-10 times a year. I've been to Vegas somewhere around 70 times.
Here are some tips, in no particular order.
Orleans Arena is "off strip". It is part of the Orleans Hotel and Casino. If you choose to stay at The Orleans, you will have a 10 minute ubelyft back and forth from the strip. The Strip is the part of Vegas that you always see when you think of Vegas. It's called Las Vegas Boulavard. Orleans is a property that basically has nothing around it, and there is not really much to see without a 20 minute walk to the Palms, or a 20 minute walk to the Rio.
If you are only going to eat, drink, and breathe RLCS, staying at the Orleans is probably a good idea. But if you want to experience Vegas, you want to stay on the strip.
Lodging can be had for cheap, up to more expensive. The cost of hotel rooms is usually based on the property location on the strip, as the more central hotels are the nicer ones.
Bellagio, Aria, and the Cosmo are the best places to stay that are in the middle. They will cost anywhere between $250-$400 a night. A great central location hotel that is more economical is Planet Hollywood, which is right across from the Bellagio. Rooms can be had here for closer to $150 a night.
If you go to the end of the strip, you can have rooms for under $100, such as treasure island, Park MGM, NYNY, and Mandalay Bay, and if you really want to live economical on strip, you can go somewhere like Luxor (far end of strip) The Linq (more middle) and The Mirage.
Any of the places listed above are on strip, and you can get the full Vegas experience. Hotels such as the Palms, Gold Coast, the Rio, Stratosphere, and the Hard Rock are so far off strip that they are extremely isolated from walking distance to most of the action in Vegas.
Weather.... You're going to the Western US in the Desert, the Western US in the Desert is not what you would expect in November. You will be lucky to see temperatures above 70F, and at night it will drop down into the low 40's. Bring warm clothes!
Walking around vegas:
DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT purchase a single thing from a street vendor. They will try selling you drink coupons, VIP tickets to shows, discounted show tickets, and just about any drug imaginable. Do not give any of these people money for any reason.
While I do not any drugs, some of my friends do, and now that marijuana is completely legal in Las Vegas, everyone raves about going to Essence Cannabis Dispensary. I've been there, and it is amazing, but I can't really speak for their product.
Skanks.... DO NOT be taken advantage of the "street walkers" and "casino crawlers" that are trying to be your friend, will want to go to your room, and after "the deed" is complete, will extort you for money. The rule of thumb, if a girl approaches you in a casino, or on the strip and is acting over friendly, they are probably a hooker, and their pimp is probably within shouting distance.
You can drink on the strip, but you CANNOT have glass. It is usually cheaper to purchase liquor or beer from one of the many CVS stores on strip.
All casinos will give you free drinks while you are playing, but sometimes the waitresses are few and far between. If you are going to be at a craps table or a slot machine for a long time, it is always a good idea to tip them very well and they will come by often.
I stay at the Bellagio the most, but my favorite places to gamble (I don't play slot machines) is a place called O'Sheas in The Linq. It is a total party atmosphere with live bands, beer pong, bean bags, and tons of table games. I think there are close to 50 tables. I'm a sucker for 3 card, and can play there for 10 hours straight.
McCarran international airport (LAS) is a nice place. Do NOT play slot machines there, as the odds are the worst of any place in Nevada. If you have an Amex Cent/Plat card, they have a Centurion lounge which has a full bar, and huge food selection, all for free.
Do not take a Taxi if you don't have to. Taxi drivers in Vegas are notorious for taking "the long way home" and you will be taken advantage of. There is a huge amount of Lyft and Ubers in the city at all times of the day. DO NOT rent a car in vegas. Parking is expensive and driving is pure gridlock.
Last but not least, if you have time, go to the "old strip" which is called Freemont Street. Old vegas is amazing, and there are a bunch of places that should be seen. You can go to the heart attack grill and get spanked for not eating your bacon cheeseburger with 50 strips of bacon, or you can go to the D Casino and have dealers in underwear. Street performers are everywhere, and it is just a good time. WATCH OUT FOR PICK POCKETERS!
Food is expensive in Vegas. The days of "cheap buffets" are gone. A burgefries will set you back somewhere around $20 in the casinos, and the chain restaurants have heavily inflated prices. The best place to eat on the strip is the miracle mile mall that is attached to planet hollywood. A bunch of the restaurants in there offer amazing drink specials and very affordable food.
I hope I covered some basics, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll help you out the best I can.
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10 nights alone in Las Vegas, some recommendations please

Hi solotravel
On coming Monday morning I will travel for 10 nights to Las Vegas alone. It is my third single travel (before that Dubai and New York). Travelling alone is very satisfying for me and brings me a lot of joy and I am very relaxed afterwards. 10 days seems maybe a little much, but the price was very good.
So I have a few questions and I am very happy for some suggestions.
Thank you in advance for your recommendations.
PS: I am from Germany, so english is not my native language.
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My attempted guide to live low stakes poker in Vegas

Thought this could be handy to some people heading out there, especially at this time of year. I'm a BE micro stakes donk who plays online for fun with some casino experience in London, UK, decided to head out to Vegas to see the sights and blow some money on live poker for the experience. Spent some time googling before going because there are so many rooms that it can be tricky choosing one to play at, here's my take on it. I went for 10 days and got back yesterday, only playing 1/2 and a few donkaments.
Some tips before going - most of the rooms are pretty similar in terms of quality, mostly tourists/old men with one or two decent young players. Each room will run different promos of some kind or another, I would recommend downloading the 'Bravo Poker Live' app and spending 15 minutes or so having a flick through the poker rooms - you can star the ones you are interested in plus keep an eye out for other games you might want to play (few rooms ran 1/1 PLO for example). It also shows live wait list and how many tables are running that I found to be pretty accurate. The app also details all of the promotions that the poker rooms run, for example how much you get paid for a royal etc. Also make sure you sign up for the reward cards, it's free to do, takes a few minutes and pretty much everywhere will give you $2 an hour towards food. Also - all drinks are free everywhere, including alcohol! You just need to tip the cocktail waitresses.
I really liked it here and turned up one morning before going Grand Canyon and it had the most insane game I've ever seen - they run a (n optional) $20 straddle from any position and some guy and his friend were doing it for like an hour straight. Good cocktail service and friendly dealers, normally was at least two tables going during the day, definitely the softest games around without a notable absence of pros/crushers, I think this is because they don't do promos. They do, however, give you a free buffet when you play for fours hours or more which was awesome and I took advantage of a lot of times before eating and going elsewhere.
I liked this place because of the promo it ran - if you hit a full house you get a ticket into a raffle (they just put all the tickets into a box) and draw a ticket once an hour, if your ticket gets pulled you win $200 in cash. I was lucky enough to win it once. They also have a good full house promo thing where they put particular full houses up on the wall (for example 555TT and JJJ99) and you win a certain amount if you hit them (it was $1500 the last day I played). Pretty active room with a lot of tourists (especially crazy on Saturday night after some MMA fight or something happened in the hotel) but I did notice a lot of the same guys sipping water playing through the early hours feeding on the fish. Overall though a decent room plus you get $2 an hour in comps for food that you can use at Starbucks as well as other places in the casino. Side note - I've never seen so many insanely hot women in one place. The poker room is just off from a nightclub and you get a steady stream of some of the world's most beautiful women stumbling out wearing next to nothing on weekend evenings. Someone at our table actually paid a guy $20 at the table next to us to move so he had a better view!
Planet Hollywood
The atmosphere in here is unlike anywhere else, tunes are pumping with 10/10 birds dancing next to naked on the Blackjack tables opposite, was like playing in the middle of a nightclub. There isn't really a room as such, it's just a load of tables in the centre of the casino. Was one of the busier places, often 10+ tables running in evenings. This is the kind of place that attracts guys buying in for the maximum wearing jewel encrusted watches on both wrists and showing their buddies sitting behind them their cards before shoving on a bluff. The music brings a very noticeable tempo to the game, people play and bet insanely quickly and nearly everyone was drinking booze in the evenings, not really the place for old man nits. A guy hit a royal when I was there and got $500. Alas, the atmosphere got to me and I ended up getting pissed as a fart and dropping a lot so be careful if you get caught up in atmospheres, great action room though, probably my favourite 'unique' experience.
Cool room that did cheap tourneys ($45) a few times a day that turn into 5BB shove fest after an hour or so. Easy room with a lot of drunk tourists, I actually regret not coming back here and checking it out more. They do a thing where if your aces get cracked you get a free spin on a 'wheel of fortune' type thing - most of the prizes are $25 but you have the chance to win a few hundred. Seemed easy level of play with little or no pros/regs
Mandalay Bay
Only played here for a few hours, nice room next to a huge sportsbook but the tournament structure was horrible - I stupidly registered 30 minutes late and got like 10BB if that. Cash was full of people playing at the hotel and limping every hand but I only played a few hours on like a Wednesday morning so not sure what it's like in the evenings.
Action! Didn't play much but seemingly everyone drinks and the games are fast and loose, definitely worth checking this place out. They run 1/1 PLO too but I couldn't get a game going when I was there
Caesars Palace
I turned up here at like 5am one morning and gave it a go, left after 30 minutes. Table was full of absolute beasts with $1k + stacks, extremely noticeable step up in quality compared to other rooms and not just marginal either, I was well out of my depth. It was a really nice room to play in and the casino was cool, I was going to give it another go but didn't get around to it, I assumed there must be a lot of fish if this many reg pros were playing.
Really nice room and probably the most elegant casino in Vegas, twice tried getting in a game here but the waitlist was like an hour long both times (38 people!) so gave it a miss. Twice I showed up and gawped at Doyle Brunson like a tourist, also saw Negreanu as well. Looked like a lot of big pros really do play here, they have a large selection of games including mixed and high stakes. Kinda regret not sticking around and playing here just in the hopes of getting a table change somewhere near Bobby's room so I could lean over and watch those guys for an hour or so, I suspect I'm not the only one thinking like that. FYI 1/3 is the minimum game here.
Golden Nugget
This is downtown so about a 30 minutes bus ride from the strip depending on traffic. Quite a lot of tables in a tight room and it's the only poker room on Downtown (I think? Binions only had tourneys running IIRC) so you get a lot of drunk tourists wandering in off of the Freemont street show. I actually had my best session here after shoving the turn with a J on a 9TQK board and getting called by two people without a straight, this should tell you everything you need to know about the calibre of play.
Well hopefully this gives people an idea of what they're heading into, happy to answer other Vegas specific questions if anyone has any, I hardly slept and smashed the shit out of the city for a week so feel I picked up quite a bit about how it works now. Overall the games are very easy compared to your average 1/2 in London for example. Best week of my life, fuck coming home :(
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Las Vegas, 1959

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Going to Vegas in July - I've been doing my research so hope this can help others.

I'm going in July and have done some research.
Plenty of this is from the sidebar, but other notes are from many of other sources.
The Vegas Degenerate Tour ( . ) ( . )
Things to do:
Sex/Swingers Clubs (Or; no, you filthy pervert - what's wrong with you?)
Drive along east CA down US-395 and crossing over to Nevada after Death Valley is one of the greatest drives I have ever done.
Edited to include corrections.
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Trip Report- Dirt Cheap Vegas Trip with Hooters Review and Naps!

TLDR; 20 something couple who has been to Vegas before stayed at Hooters Hotel and Casino 4 nights, 5 days with airfare and resort fee for $887 and it was worth every penny.
Hooters Hotel and Casino: With the flight, hotel and resort fee we paid $444 a person which we thought was too good to pass up. The hotel wasn't as bad as I expected it to be but it was pretty old. It is located a short walk to the strip which accessible by going into Tropicana located next door and using a bridge. When we booked this trip we only expected to be at this hotel to sleep at night and we ended up staying there for a lot more since it beat our expectations.
Some parts of the hotel are "nice" and newish and some aren't. The new parts will NEVER be comparable to many of the casino's listed in the faq(even the budget ones) but that doesn't make it bad. If you are a regular person that doesn't need fancy shit or all you plan on doing is sleeping here(bachelobachelorette party or 21st birthday) it's great. The casino was small and never crowded, it was great for gambling a bit at the end of the night since it's almost impossible to get lost or lose whoever you are with. There was a cafe area with a coffee place, Krispy Kreme donuts and a Pizza Hut. There was also a pool bar, Hooters, and Steak n' Shake. They boasted about free parking, $15 buckets of bud light, and $1 margaritas inside the casino bar. The room service seemed incredibly cheap but we did not use it.
Our room was average and as far as we know it was not one that was recently remodeled. The bathroom wasn't very nice and the safe was busted. It looked as if the Bathroom had been done about 10 years ago and the glaze was coming off of the bathtub corners. The room was clean and it had two awkward chairs that belonged in the 70's around a small table. We both thought that a reclinechair was missing from the room due to empty space. The bed was very comfortable and we slept amazing. The AC was ice cold and we had a tiny balcony overlooking the pool. It was $25 a night for a mini-fridge which we decided against and I kept filling up bags of ice and moving it from the sink when needed. If you are not flying in, bring a cooler and save yourself the money or go buy a cheap cooler at Walgreens on the strip for $8. The pool was very clean and quiet, it felt like we were the only people there most of the time and I got a ton of reading done. You couldn't bring your own alcohol or food and the security was tight. The menu seemed decently priced for a pool in vegas.
If you stay at Hooters I highly recommend purchasing the Hooya One Pass, it comes with two different show tickets, a coupon for a free margarita, buy 10 wings get 10 wings, and a 1 hour open bar with wings NIGHTLY between 5-6 pm. At the same bar the drinks cost $5 during happy hour and we watched numerous hotel guests spend more than $20 on drinks in just that hour. I must've eaten about 100 wings and had over 30 drinks the entire trip because of this pass. The bartenders were really great to us during the open bar and we always had a drink in our hand. It saved us a ton of money on dinnelunch but I would've liked to have done one more nice dinner. It also would have been nice if we didn't have to go back to the hotel for 5pm every day but, my GF and I really enjoyed the happy hour, a nap, and a shower before going out for the night(not always in that order).
It seemed like a lot of teenage kids were staying in the hotel for a basketball tournament or something and I never saw any parents. I observed a bunch of people staying in some rooms and the kids would sit outside of the room to charge their phones in the hallway. We had one issue with the kids, we were trying to go down and two girls got off our floor, when we got in the elevator all of the buttons were pressed to go up. It wasn't a big deal to us but it could be to people looking to make a show or relax and not have to deal with that crap. The elevator was also kind of shady and it seemed like it skipped our floor or something a few times when trying to go down. I don't know it it happens a lot but both of these things probably don't happen at places on the strip.
Monday: We left my house at 3:30 am and flew Spirit Airlines from Newark to LAS which landed at 8:40 am. I'll never fly spirit again if I can help it. It was a $14 taxi to the Hotel where they wanted to charge a $25 early check in fee, we debated and decided to drop off our luggage and explore the area so that we could stay up a little longer before crashing since we got roughly 3 hours of sleep. While walking the strip we decided to get a quick bite to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company since there is one in NYC and we've always wanted to go. We each got a flavored margarita which we normally don't get and they were pretty good, she got a shrimp po' boy, and I got calamari and a gigantic bucket of french fries. We mostly went to some shops for gifts and got supplies like shampoo, sunscreen and water for the week at Walgreens and the Liquor store. We checked in at 2:30, unpacked and took a nap. Between 5-6 we had an open bar(well and domestic drafts) at the pool bar with complementary wings and vegetables because we purchased the Hooyah One Pass for $20. At 7pm we took a Lyft to Freemont for a tour at Bangor Brewing. We had a flight and 2 or 3 beers. The guy giving us the tour waited patiently for us since our driver didn't follow directions and we were late. We were the only people on the tour but the place was pretty packed for a while. We explored Freemont Street for the remaining of the night which was very fun and interesting. If I had a kid under the age of 9 I wouldn't bring them but it honestly wasn't that bad besides some girls in thongs, pasties, and dominatrix looking girls(if your kid has an Instagram they have seen worse). Security walked a beat like they were riot cops and one came up to us and told us we couldn't drink in cans on Freemont and that we could drink out of plastic cups instead. He was really cool and I swore he was a cop until we saw real cops. Heads up to anyone. I really liked the vibe of Freemont but the light show was honestly terrible, I may have been spoiled by light shows at concerts and sporting events from a previous job, my girlfriend thinks that the show just needed different music...
Tuesday: We woke up around 8:30 am and went to breakfast at the Steak n' Shake in Hooters. The food was average but service was slow(we never went back). We went to the pool for an hour or two before we went to a timeshare sales pitch for fun and free stuff(buffet and freeplay). I did the math and the $9,999 timeshare came out to be $33,000 over seven years. Once I gave the numbers and said no the guy became a HUGE dick. Sadly, one person bought one. Once the timeshare pitch was finished we went to the liquor store again. We got lunch at Taco's and Tequila where we split nachos and each had a few margaritas. I think they were some of the best margaritas I've ever had. Later we napped and went to the open bar before going to use my freeplay. After we finished loosing $100 in freeplay and getting tons of free drinks, I decided I had to go and see what a dispensary was like. I don't know the rules about posting about this so I will answer questions in a PM. I will also elaborate with a mod's approval since I think it could be really helpful. After getting back to the hotel we went to Hooters for some more wings and went to bed.
Wednesday: We hung out at the pool for a few hours and we went exploring again. We walked around 15 miles this day and I wish we'd had gotten a light rail pass or Ubered to the end of the strip and walked back. We both like exploring things though so none of us mentioned it until it was too late. We didn't have anything planned for this day until we got back to the hotel and looked at all of the comedy clubs. We decided on the late show to see Jimmy Shubert at the Laugh Factory in Tropicana because it was close by and I actually knew of the opening act, Jason Lawhead, because of Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast. It was a pretty good show for the price we paid, and we got to see the worst heckler ever get thrown out. The night got hazy for me and I think we went to Hooters for some wings, fries, and onion rings before going to our room and passing out(probably with my shoes on).
Thursday: We actually had plans! We woke up with purpose and got breakfast at Coco's Bakery, a short walk from where we were staying. It was cheap and some of the better breakfast food I've had in a while including some of the diners here in NJ, I wish we could've gone again. After breakfast, we went to the pool before heading to the Mirage for a late lunch buffet thanks to Tahiti Village. Next, we used MyVegas rewards at New York New York for buy one get one crepes at 48th and Crepe which were amazing and we cashed in a ticket for buy one get one 40 oz beers at Tom's Urban. It was happy hour so the beers were under the voucher limit and we basically got them for free + tip which was great considering their somewhat decent selection of draft beer. We went back to the open bar for 5pm, napped and got ready for dinner at Black Tap in the Venetian which was everything I thought it would be and more. I wish I had room for a Crazy Shake but I could barely finish my burger and I only ate 3 onion rings, luckily there is one in NYC. At 10pm we saw John Caparulo at Harrah's. The show was average and I think he could've really used an opening act to get the crowd going instead of awkwardly walking on stage. It was pretty empty, we got GA cheap seats and got moved up to the 5th row. We gambled pretty late and made fun of all the people waiting in line at the club at MGM Grand at 2:30 in the morning, these people looked miserable and hadn't even been in the club yet. I don't miss those days.
Friday: We laid in bed for most of the morning since there was not an option for a late checkout and we weren't leaving for the Airport until 8 PM. We double and triple checked for everything and I swear I packed a few things that I can no longer find(it's not a vacation until I've lost something). We checked out around 11am and stored our luggage with the valet. We went to the M&M Store and did the free 3d movie which was pretty entertaining since I don't think I have ever seen a 3d movie before. We decided on going to the Bodies exhibit at Luxor which was pretty cool but probably not worth $30 with an MLife card. We also took the tram to Mandalay Bay which was pretty nice but very empty and kind of eerie. It also smelled like a funeral home or church or something. We cashed in another couple of MyVegas rewards and went to Tom's Urban again for 40oz beers(on happy hour). We also ordered the two way fries which consisted of shoe string and sweet potato fries. They were out of this world! Finally we went to Coyote Ugly for buy one get one drinks(MyVegas). My GF has always wanted to go here but none of her friends ever would go with her. We both fell in love with the bartender and we talked for about an hour about life in Vegas before heading back to the open bar and did some last minute gift shopping.
In all we did a lot of gambling, walking around, and exploring. We also talked with a ton of locals and tried to get a feel for the place. I'm not a fan of most shows and she had seen most of them in her previous travels. I really wanted to change the hotel after booking it and she kept insisting that it'd be fine. Besides using MyVegas a trick we learned was to use your Mlife card for anything you purchase inside an MGM casino, it doesn't matter if you are buying show tickets or a frozen drink, you'll get points from your purchase. I expect to get a ton of comps to use at the Borgata and I think we are coming back for the Golden Knights/Devils game in January.
My total expenses for the trip came out to be $1190.75 based on all of my credit card statements and cash that I had left over in my wallet. This includes my half of the hotel, resort, plane and all of the booze, rides, and gambling I did.
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Lessons learned from my first Vegas trip

Some friends of mine got married in Vegas last weekend. This was my first trip so here are some of the lessons I’ve learned after 6 days 5 nights. This is a long post, but hopefully someone will find it helpful.
Spirit Airlines: this is a cheap way to get to/from Vegas. Expect that they charge a-la-cart for food, drinks, checked bags, overhead bin space, extra legroom and they don’t provide wifi or inflight entertainment. The luggage limit is 40 pounds. If you don’t print your boarding pass at home, it will cost you $10 a ticket to have them do it at the airport. The ticket prices for my wife and I were such that we got the first row upgrade (lots of extra leg room) one checked bag and still came out ahead. If you are tall buy additional leg space or prepare for an uncomfortable flight.
Shuttle from Airport to Hotel: This was $11 per person, if I had it to do over again… I would have just used UbeLyft
Walking: Wow, I walked a lot. My watch and phone both confirm about 60 miles of walking. (Did a lot of exploring on my first trip to Vegas). Wear REALLY comfortable shoes and/or carry flip-flops
Monorail: At one point I just didn’t want to walk back to the hotel and took the monorail to nearby. $5 a person. The view was OK, I am sure it is by far the fastest way to get around, but my hotel was still a bit of a walk from the nearest stop.
Ride Share: I had never used UbeLyft before this trip. This makes your life so much easier. My first trip was with the “GOOGLE_MAPS” code that I got when looking to see how far a walk I had to meetup with some friends. It ended up being a free ride (before tip). I had gotten a Lyft coupon handed to me on the strip for $10 off my first 5 rides…so these all ended up being less than $2 (again before tip, I gave every driver a $5 tip).
I preferred Lyft over Uber mainly because the price was about the same, but a driver that had placards for both said that Lyft took a little less of a commission.
Once I used all of my Lyft rides, I got a code for my wife $5 off 10 rides from a driver (who also gets a little something every time their code is used)
Finally, I sent an Uber invite to my wife… we got a $20 credit on her account and another $20 on mine.
Hotel #1 Circus Circus: This was the cheapest place to stay. Absolutely do not stay here if you are over 6’5” … the light fixtures in the hall are very low hanging. Expect that you will be approached constantly by time share representatives (more on that latter) and good luck not getting offered a free sample of face cream. This hotel just kind of made me feel sad. From parents ignoring their kids to gamble to generally being run down. If you are going to spend time in the heart of the strip, it is a bit of a walk
Hotel #2 Balley’s: We spent the last two nights at Balley’s. Everything was cleaner. This was more centrally located on the strip. I liked it much better than Circus. There were timeshare reps here too, but I think there was only one stand and they were nowhere near as aggressive.
Food My wife had been playing a cell phone game that earned rewards. We ended up with 3 buy-one-get-one on various buffets
Circus Circus Buffet: At par with standard buffet places (Old Country Buffet, Golden Corral, etc…). I might be a bit soured on this because there was a screaming 4 year old for most of the meal.
Aria Buffet: Best buffet by a long shot. The food was amazing (especially the desert bar with the white chocolate mousse cake pops and gelato) and by far the best selection. Don’t bother with the “all you can drink” upgrade, the drinks are so weak I think you would hit water intoxication before you would get tipsy from their rum punch.
MGM Grand buffet: This was better than Circus, but in fairness I was a bit buffet’d out by this point. (But with a BOGO it is hard to beat a good dinner for two for $45)
McDonalds: (OMG I am so lame, I went on vacation and ate at the golden arches)… This was a quick easy breakfast when running out and about for less than $5 for the two of us.
Walgreens/CVS: I keep seeing people complain about $10 bottles of water (which I never saw)… but seriously there is a Walgreens on nearly every block; prices may be slightlyhigher than at home but much cheaper than hotel
Ellis Island: Expect a bit of a wait, this is a great value (probably why it is called out in the FAQ) and everyone knows. I was with a group of 5 that ate their late night and the bill was $35 (including 2 orders of steak and eggs). The food is a bit better than most generic casual dining. (Also, be careful how much money you light on fire in the casino waiting for your table. It can quickly turn an amazing deal into a less than amazing deal)
White Castle: I’d never eaten at a White Castle before… now I have. Perhaps this is better after drinking but I am not a fan
Mexi place in Circus: Chimichanga FTW!
Vince Neil Tatuado at Circus: Nightly karaoke and good appetizers (drinks were quite weak)
Taco Bar in Balley’s: WTF $18 for Nachos!!! Oh crap that is a lot of food. Wow, this was assembled by someone that understands how to make nachos without having you end with a pile of dry chips. Ugggg too full. Huh, that’s all this cost! This was a great deal.
Firefly Tapas: Get the bacon wrapped dates (everything was good but seriously, get the bacon wrapped dates)
Herbs and Rye: Awesome little bar (the first non-watered down drinks I had)
Boarder Grill (at Mandalay Bay): The most expensive meal I had in Vegas… but also the best quality food. The Banh Mi sliders were amazing
Must See: We only made it to one show “Vegas the show” which was amazing. Fountains are the Balagio are great but I almost preferred the very small one by the Wynn (you are right by it, the music is classic Vegas rat pack, if it is hot and windy you get the coolness of mist from the fountains). Freemont at night: this is a $8-12 Lyft from the strip and if you have any promo… it costs little more than the tip to get to/from.
Timeshare: We ended up getting to Vegas about 12 hours earlier than expected, giving us an extra day. The moment (literally) I walked into the hotel I was approached by someone trying to get me to go to a 90 minute timeshare presentation. And offering us two tickets to a show, $100 in dining/gambling vouchers, and about another $100 in various incentives. My thought was for the two of us together, we don’t make $100 an hour… might as well go to augment our experience.
First of all ~90 minutes is more like 4 hours Expect a very hard sell Expect sales people that have been exceptionally well coached on how to overcome any objections Expect that if you are contemplating but can’t buy now (for whatever reason) that there is always another product to sell you
Make sure that you take your phone and look at reviews (and figure out if the product they are selling is worth its value to you).
Several of the hotels/casinos had timeshare representatives looking for customers. They do everything they can to get you to their presentations. They look like hotel employees “welcome to , are you just getting to Vegas? Let me get your welcome kit”
TL;DR Use Sprit Air is cheap… but will nickel and dime you for everything, UbeLyft, Circus Circus is cheap but sad, My Vegas Rewards can save you a little money, watch out for timeshare reps
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Vegas locals: Need your advice...

I'm taking a trip out to Las Vegas on the 12th, it's a bachelor party...
It's a thursday, and I arrive in the afternoon. The problem is, the rest of the group doesn't arrive until later that night, circa 8-10pm. (Booked my flights later for various reasons, wish I didn't have to but there you go.)
So here's my question, I've got a Thursday afternoon to kill by myself - I'm sure there's plenty to do, so what would you recommend?
EDIT: Just got back - Wow, the trip was insane. Thanks for all the advice!
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I won a trip to Vegas!

Having never been, I wanted to know a few things. I think it's a choice between the Riviera and the Gold Coast.
What should I, as a non-gambler (ever), expect when I get there?
What restaurants should I hit first?
Which shows should I go see?
What scams am I most likely to encounter and how to avoid them?
How badly does the IRS tax winnings, in the off chance I hit some stupid big jackpot?
Is Vegas as bad as CSI makes it?
Thanks in advance, sorry for the wall 'o' text.
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Thank you /r/vegas!

What a place. I have always said that I never wanted to go to Vegas, boy was I wrong.
We stayed at Aria for 6 days - This was a beautiful property and a perfect part of the strip. (We got upgraded into a suite - it was spectacular), rented a BMW, went to Red Rock Canyon (Check this place out!!!), ate a lot off the strip (Mushashi's dirty show was awesome!), saw Absinthe (got fucked in the face by Gazzilionaire!), saw O (got rained on!). Did the whole strip (9 miles of walking). Rented a boat and toured around Lake Mead for 8hrs - swam in 84 degree water. Got tattoos at Iron Horse Tattoo.
All of this stuff was done because I listened to what you guys had to say. I asked for your opinions, and for everything from mlife upgrades to the Red Rock Canyon, you all were on point.
Food highlights:
Ryan at Iron horse Tattoos did some ink for both my wife and I. Very easy going and are turning out well (still healing). Great experience, and he was very friendly and seemed genuinely pleased that we were already planning to get off the strip and do some stuff outside Vegas. Renting the boat ( was an awesome idea. It gave us the relaxation that you're looking for on a vacation. Lake Mead was awesome.
All in all, one of the best trips of my life. Thanks all for your advice.
Until next time
Edit: Since this has been linked to the sidebar, I'll give some more info:
Here's some pictures from my trip Maybe a bit NSFW
We stayed in a Tower Deluxe King at Aria. I did do the 20 dollar trick at check in, and were immediately upgraded to a strip view (had booked a mountain view.) Our check in attendant (at the invited guests line) asked if we were there for any special occasions. It was our 10th wedding anniversary, so he asked if we would like him to look for further, paid, upgrades (of course!). They offered the executive hospitality suite for an additional 100/night (a 200/night "savings") or the Tower Deluxe King room for an extra 50/night. I said sure thing! The room had 3 tv's, a living room, a king bed, and a wicked view of the strip. It also included a mini-fridge, which was great to keep our CVS-purchased beer, coolers and wine chilled. I charged EVERYTHING to my room, and was upgraded to Mlife Pearl status. This alone got us enough of a discount on our couples aromatherapy massage ($400 bucks) that it paid for the room upgrade. Our total bill for the hotel was 1800 bucks, but was reduced to 1380. 5 nights, 4 gelatos, A couples aromatherapy massage, 6x buffets (4 lunch, 2 breakfasts). Not a bad deal for sure. We only went in the pool once, for about 2 hours.
We bought most of our booze at CVS or Walgreens. It's right on the strip, and they were priced way better than the hotels.
Other than Aria, we went to Excalibur (rooms were very basic - I would not stay here), NYNY (my wifes favourite casino/shopping), MGM Grand (dated), Cosmo (nicest outside Aria - very glitz and glam, very hoity-toity), Bellagio (dated, but very nice), Caesars Palace (don't see what all the fuss is about, but didn't get to the forum shops), Venetian (beautiful "public" areas). We did not get to Paris, Wynn, or the other hotels further up the strip. Luxor was weird, but neat.
Other than the above, we ate at the Aria Buffet twice (comps from MyVegas). We got bagels in NYNY, they were pretty good. Nothing special, but not bad. We at breakfast there twice. We ate at Guy Fieres. That was not great (late night menu, buffalo fries were cold, wings were uninspired, nachos weren't great at all 4/10). Ate at Cafe Americano in Caesars Palace prior to Absinthe (I'd give it a 6/10). While on Lake Mead, we ate at Calville Bay Marina. Surprisingly good. 8/10. We also ate at Buca Di Beppo - the pasta for 4 was more like pasta for 24. It was huge. It was pretty good overall, I'd give it a 7/10.
We walked A LOT, even though we had a rental car the whole time. We used it all but one day. We did Counts Kustoms (neat, but the shop is very hot) and we did the Pawn Stars shop (of course jam packed and nobody "famous" was there). I did not expect to see the cultured stuff there that I saw. $15k -$30k prints from DeGaule, Picasso, Da Vinci, MC Escher, Dali. Neat stuff.
We got to the Welcome To Vegas sign at 7am. There was literally nobody else there. At 1pm, the lineup for photos was 50 people deep. Go EARLY!
O was AMAZING. We sat 4th row. I had to apologize to the woman sitting beside me on several occasions because I kept saying "Do you see this shit!" and "Holy Fuck" all night. SPECTACULAR. Well worth the price.
Absinthe was ridiculous. We sat front row, and from about 1 minute into the show, my cheeks were sore from laughing. Great show, not for the faint-of-heart or easily offended. The intro says it all "If you're offended by words like fuck or shit, you should have read a fucking Yelp review" Again, well worth the price.
We took a cab to Freemont Street - this place was insane. I would have liked to spend another night there just to make sure I saw it all, but I saw A LOT. Lots of half naked men and women. LOTS.
The Boat was awesome. We boated 7 miles up the Colorado River to the Narrows. We hung around there for a bit, then went to find somewhere to swim. The water was 84degrees, which for my Canadian body was like a bathtub. We went down to the Hoover Dam and up to Calville Bay. We were on the boat a total of 7 or 8hrs. Great value, and, even though my sister is petrified of water and boats, she said it was the single best highlight of the trip for her. After the boat, we went to Hoover Dam to see it from the top. Don't go if you're afraid of heights. I'm not averse to heights at all but this was really high.
Again, thanks to you all for providing such great information. If you all have any questions for me, please, feel free to ask!
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First Trip of a lifetime to Vegas..wont be my last!

So! where do I start!
I've wanted to come to Vegas ever since i was small, been obsessed with the lights the gambling etc. But then i grew up and realized its not just that anymore! That's why my 7 day trip was as follows!!
As I'm from the UK flights were never going to be cheap plus i was heading to Orlando to see family for the second part of the holiday. I managed to get the flights for around £700 with British Airways, the flight there was amazing, legroom, TV, really good food and lots of free booze! The flight home was with American airlines...lets just say it was the total opposite will definitely be staying away from them from now on.
After plenty of looking around price checking extra, I decided on Bally's most people don't think much of this place so was a bit worried at first.. but we booked the strip view Jubilee room. It was amazing the room was spotless the view was insane we had the Eiffel tower right outside my room and i could even see the Bellagio Fountains!! ( also the room came with a fridge and a coffee maker)
The hotel itself was small compared to others around it but it was just what we wanted, had shops food a nice casino and not smokey at all! i will 100% be staying here next time!
Overall this cost me £637 plus the $200 resort fee, this was cheaper earlier in the year before i booked for as low as £500.
To be honest we struggled with food for the first few days.. we had a 2-1 at the Aria for dinner at the Buffet.. so we went, this was one of the most expensive ones on the strip and to be perfectly honest it was downright dreadful. The pasta was hard and cold all the food was just not on par for what we expected day one. But after that we found the Buffet at the Golden nugget and WOW amazing food great great price definitely recommend.
My other suggestion is Ocean One in the Miracle Mile Mall at Planet Hollywood. Cheap cheap prices and the food is great along with the service ! i think we went 4 times in 3 days at one point..
This was my favorite part, i was drunk before breakfast at times and mostly 2 times a day due to the free drinks!!
Little tip for you all! if you want a drink either alcohol or even a coffee find a machine ( we used a video poker) sit down play the min amount which can be 5 cents a hand! we were sat in a high traffic area right near the bar in Bally's. Most of the time i would struggle to finish my drink before the next one came along. $1 tip provides endless drinks all night..or morning
I had 7 days there and I know I barely touched the surface of what this place has to offer that's why I'm already going back next year!
We covered a good chunk though, High roller (open-bar), freemont, every hotel on the strips, coke world including the drink tasting! madame tussauds was great! and so much more! most things we did the whole time we were there including food we have 2-1 vouchers including madame tussauds! top tip buy the American Casino Guide! its like £10 and you get silly amounts of money off well worth the buy!!
We didn't get around to seeing lots of top tier shows as we had a tight budget! but we did see the "All Shook up show" at Planet Hollywood. Very small room fits around 30 people? but the show was great. I'm not at all a big Elvis fan this was more for the other person in my party but it was truly worth the low price.
Street Hustlers
This was the single most annoying thing in the whole of Vegas, I was told about this before i came but i really didn't think it would be as bad as it was.
You will be approached non stop when walking down the strip asking if you want show tickets from a non trustworthy guy..he followed up for around 100yards before he gave up.
Best thing to do totally ignore them don't even say "no I'm sorry" as they will take that as a maybe.
I know have rambled as I'm sat here at work "working hard" but please see some final tips below.
Final Tips:
All in all this place has so much more to offer around Vegas that i haven't even touched!! next year will be more explore the Area Grand Canyon Etc.
I cant wait!
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My Vegas Trip - Just got back Oct. 2nd 2017

Okay, so here it goes. There may be some typos and I apologize for that, since I hate that as well, but I mainly wanted to get out my insane week in Vegas, going for the first time.
(Fortunately, I did not goto the Route 91 concert, so this story does not include any first-hand experiences from that event. If you are mainly looking for that, then this is not the post for you. Sorry :/ )
TL;DR Went to Vegas for the first time and had a wild time.
I was going to Las Vegas for a singing competition being held at Vince Neils Tatuado in Circus Circus. I had gone through reviews of hotels, airlines, places to get good deals, etc and ended up just trying to go with the lowest cost trip I could find. In terms of strictly Airfare/Room, it cost me $330 for 2 Round trip tickets from DFW/LAS and $226 for 1 week in a 1-bedroom apartment. (More on the apartment) This is not counting the amount of money I ended up spending all week on Lyft/Food/Gambling/Lyft/Souvenirs/Gambling and Lyft plus those unexpected expenses that come up, which they did. I haven't even counted it up yet, just not ready for that yet.
Spirit Airlines AirBnB
I honestly should have:
-- Gone with the package we were offered for our team in the competition, which would have been about $350/week for Circus Circus in the Main Tower facing the strip. -- Played the MyVegas app prior to going to Vegas (had I known about it) and racked up some points to get discounts at hotels -- Picked a different AirBnB further from the strip initially
Every little thing that could happen to hinder your trip/experience, or try to sway you from having a good time happened. Thankfully, there were dispensaries in Vegas which saved the day, literally at one point. I tried getting an AirBnB for 3 people since one of the other singers wanted to tag along, to make sure he had a place to sleep and stay. I could have got an AirBnb at a house,apartment,hotel, etc somewhere closer to Circus Circus and with more amenities that this one, but I settled for what I thought was a one bedroom apartment all to ourselves, 5 minutes from the Strip. Now, I have never been to Vegas and even thought there are numerous resources you can goto for information and guides on where to stay, it was pretty overwhelming and I ended up only doing about 20% of my research. The AirBnB was around Tropicana and Maryland Pkwy. I soon found out that area was interesting. The host showed up half naked, in a see-through shirt an hour late, kept the talks strictly "business". We were dropped off and I found out we had one bedroom in a 3/bdr apt, with other occupants. The couch which I thought my other friend could crash on since I paid for 3 ppl was not for sleeping, just for staring at the wall or fireplace. Maybe reading/talking if you are into that sort of thing while in Vegas. The room ended up being exactly what I paid for, and the other occupants were 2 attractive women, and we are 2 attractive men, so we decided we can make this work and to go with it. Went walking to the first dispensary, and took the Lyft back since yeah. This so far was the only highlight besides just taking in the sights. I think we were still checking out if the area was secure enough to leave our stuff in the room, so we didn't really go too far. We mainly smoked, talked to the "Tatiana's" (They were both named Tatiana <-- not sure if spelled right though) and plotted what we wanted to do the next day. We wake up to no power in the apartment. We thought it was our room only, but nope. We check the breakers, outside and confirm she didn't pay her bill. We text her and she states it is paid and they are turning it back on. I wait about 30 minutes before I tweet AirBnB and give them a call because hell no. They mentioned they needed to at least try and contact the host and get a response, which I understood, but they were understanding of my situation. They had first asked if it came back on in the next 30-45 minutes, if that would be acceptable, and even though it would solve the situation, I had explained that this was my first time with AirBnB and Las Vegas, and this will be the experience I am left with. The rep had already given me $100 coupon for my next time, but this would not helping the current situation. After about a couple of hours of waiting, I just got a room at Circus Circus. It was Tuesday already, and I got the room for that night until Friday for $200 online. Not bad, since it was last minute. The power was still not on when we left the apartment and I felt this was more of the host defaulting on their contract as a host, rather than just a bad experience. They offered a full refund in cash, or refund plus 10% for another AirBnB. I didn't have room for Friday-Monday and accepted a workaround for accommodations for that date in a different area. The "Booking Queen" took care of everything and I ended up only paying $20 for a Condo right off Fremont street next to The Cortez. Top floor, rooftop heated pool/jacuzzi, the works. I just had to wait until Friday. Circus Circus was not bad, compared to the reviews I read. I am father or two wonderful children, so I thought this place would be great for them. The kids around me did were not bothersome, and the activities around the place was honestly great. Being a kid inside probably helps. My brother ended up spending almost all his cash on slots, even though we both knew that they had the least payout or return of all the games. He wanted to play roulette and I wanted to play blackjack, but Vegas gets you since the first slot he played was in the airport. Straight off the plane, recently turned 21, turns $5 into $35 and he was hooked. Pretty lights, colors, sounds, cartoons, etc. all around you just waiting for you to play them. We know we will lose, but we both agree to play about $20 to kill time and just have some fun. I think I ended up being up about $70 before I cashed out and he went up about $150 before he did. We did day two of our Dispensary tour and stocked back up. All our gambling throughout the entire week ended up netting us just enough money to pay for our flowefood and a little extra to gamble with for the whole week. We partook everyday and gambled everyday. Me with an initial $60 start and him with about $100. We took in the sights, avoided the street "dealers", gambled on the slots too much at Circus Circus and eagerly waited until Friday. The competition happened and ended a little differently than I expected, but it didn't prevent any good times or fun we had. Friday comes and we are checking out of Circus Circus at 11am. We cannot check-in until 4pm to the Condo, so the host mentioned we could leave our bags with the front desk while the place was cleaned, and we could take in the sights of Fremont street. We get back to the room and our flower was stolen from our bags, by the security guard, in the security office of these condos. Million dollar condos with you would think, good security and yeah, stolen. Diamond, Platinum and Gold from the Reef Dispensary. The priciest one of them all that we went to, and he just goes through our things randomly since the jars are sealed glass, and just takes them. The building cannot do anything since we are staying with AirBnB and not a resident, and even though we had a receipt, we ended up dropping it since the security guard got fired anyway. Turned those 3 grams into some pretty expensive flower. They were all honestly great, minus one bad attitude from the last one we went to, but the Reef was awesome. Khalifa Kush, Sunset Sherbert, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, mmmm. Pricey, but honesty the same you would pay in the street, from what I have read online.
That whole 4 days we were waiting was made worse, since I had enough money to cover myself in food/lyft and to get by until Friday when I got paid. I knew I was good then, but I had to spend the rest of my money on the room for that week, just to make sure we had a place to sleep. My brother had his cash and since it was only for him, we had to pretty much make it work throughout the week for both of us, which we did. Everything was expensive too, Starbucks, McDonalds, Lyft lol, we always ended up having just enough to have a good time, have something to eat and drink and get around to where we needed to. Fremont was the best though. We wished we had ended up there in the beginning. Music, better casinos, food, culture, art on the sides of walls, talent all throughout the street, just one big party. We watched AlterEgo live which was pretty awesome. They put on a great show and the vibe around you was just great. You are laughing your ass off at some of the comedy acts on the street, wowed at others and then you also pass by performers who are wearing next to nothing. Almost naked and you want to stare, because hey, you are in Vegas, they are attractive and naked and well they are naked. It is weird, but you end up not staring and just kind of laughing at the situation. I took one last look though, just to make sure nothing changed. The zipline looks fun and next time, I would not mind taking that for a ride. The Cortez was our favorite place. I now like blackjack. I did not learn to count cards, just the basic strategy and ended up coming out on top always. I would lose some nights, but I could go back and always double or triple my money. Dealers would stare at me at times, the men in suits would come by the tables and sometimes talk with me for a bit to feel me out, but I just have that kind of luck. Either I am not winning the hands, but others around me are getting blackjack multiple times or winning, or the dealer would bust when I needed it. I should have played the Royal Match more too. I would have made so much more on that. Ended up hanging out with a blackjack dealer the next night and just chilled/smoked/laughed and then used Lyft. Really cool chick. We had plans to rent a car on Sunday, goto the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Gold/Silver Pawn Shop, Ricks Restorations, Kounts Kustoms, but no place takes debit cards for car rentals. We ended up gambling again, having some fun on Fremont street for a little more and then had plans to go check out a show or possibly Route 91 since I was dressed like a cowboy for the competition and that was working out reaaaallllyyyy well. Props from everyone in the hat and the whole look. Fun times. The Chevelle concert the night before didn't go as planned either since a fight broke out right before it started and it was so packed, we just took off. We weren't getting good vibes and being so packed, we did not want to take any chances, which led to another Dispensary time. Before we even heard anything about the shooter, we saw about 12 cops past Fremont by the freeway with some vans. We thought it was a drug bust, but soon found out it was SWAT or some team. The concert had already started and we wanted to goto the Dispensary again before we went, just for good measure. As soon as we got in, thats when it happened. We were not really looking at the time, but you could see the flashing lights on the corners of the street which the driver mentioned were cameras and alert signals. We get to the dispensary and the guard is armed with an assault rifle. Street corners have police posted, blocking some routes and full armed as well. You don't really understand the full gravity of the situation, or what is happening. You think it is something out of the movies, a man trying to rob the casino or threatening to shoot, but you just assume Vegas has handled these types of situations all the time, and it was nothing new. We stayed the entire night at the Condo, listening the police scanners, just waiting. I couldn't sleep. The streets were quiet, maybe 10-20 people walking that you could see. We had a pretty good view from where we were and there was nothing. Fremont was empty. All of the buildings in Vegas had their rooftop red lights turn on at the same time, which was weird, but just figured it was for the situation going on. I am not going to get into the details of what I heard on the scanner or the stories from the people I met afterwards. There is plenty of conspiracy posts online regarding that, I will just say after that you just shutdown. Nowhere near what the people there went through, but just being 10 miles away from there and knowing there are people hurt, dead or just going through one of the worst experiences of their lives gets to you. You want to help, but you are torn between the police telling you to stay inside, not having your own transportation and the area being blocked off by police already. I feel like crap that I didn't try. I wasn't sure if I could, but I was more focused on just being safe. You assume everything. I thought a bomb was going to go off, that our flights were going to be cancelled, that someone was going to drive into a crowd on the sidewalk at every intersection I crossed. Just constantly on alert and knowing you are going to have to answer a lot of texts. The next day I was in a daze the whole time. Our flight ended up getting delayed about an hour and we left around 7pm. There were people crying in the airport, but mostly people trying to cheer you up. TSA was the nicest I have seen, people willing to talk to you, just the need for comfort. I know there are probably a lot more little stories I am leaving out, but being in Vegas a week becomes a blur. You never really pay attention to time except when you are checking out/in, you are immersed in a huge online video game with micro-transactions everywhere and you spend way more money than you anticipate. I want to go back again sometime, and I highly recommend looking for an AirBnB around Freemont street. Perfect location.
My little notes:
Spirit Airlines were better than I thought, compared to the reviews. Print out your ticket, buy your baggage online when you check-in prior to your flight and pick your seat. The flight was the best I had been on, really smooth and the view was amazing.
AirBnB was great. Customer Service was awesome, they really were empathetic to my situation and made a bad experience turn into an unforgettable one.
Circus Circus is honestly a really good deal and has almost everything you need. If you are a family person, or bringing your family, stay there. Vegas is not a family-friendly town I don't think. Fremont street was too much for kids and everything is sexualized, so just keep your kids at home and enjoy it by yourselves.
Play MyVegas facebook app if you have FB. You can rack up lots of points and have enough to cover a good amount of expenses for you.
Rent a car lol. I think Fox Rental was one of the lowest rates, but even some of the Lyft drivers offer rentals. As low as $25/day, you don't need a sportscar unless you just want to spend the money on it. You can get those 3 wheel motorcycle things with two seats. I saw them for around $350/day or $75/hr. Expensive, but damn it looks fun. There are also these electric scooter thingies at the Container Park off Fremont. As low as $6.50/hr, you can schedule a slot and use those to get around. I didn't know you had to schedule ahead of time, so I did not use them, but really looked fun and worth the price.
The Cortez had the best blackjack that we played at. Single deck, pays 3 to 2 and $5 minimum bet. We went to about 4 other casinos and won at 2 of them, but the Cortez had the best payout.
I had no sex in Las Vegas. Sorry if you were looking for juicy details, but I'm not going to pay for it and it's not in me to go to a bar and try to pickup a woman just to have sex. My game is not that good and it's just not me, so no crazy "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" stories, but at least I did not come back with something that stays with you after you leave Vegas.
Long ass post, but I wanted to get it out and write it down. Thanks for reading if you got through it all.
**I have pics on Instagram of the trip if you want to check them out "thethomasbeck" - iPhone 7+ and it does a pretty good job too with no other editing software except the built-on Photos app and Instagram filters/editing.
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Review of Vegas Stay and Offer (to redeem)

I wanted to give everyone some feedback about my stay, what I thought and such.
I'm a 30 year old male, went with another 31/m for about a week (Saturday to Friday). The trip was a little unorthodox because it was actually a paid work trip for him and I just got a free ride because I've never been to Vegas before.
Hotel: We stayed at the Golden Nugget and I have to say that was probably one of the best decisions we made, staying near the Freemont Experience was definitely a winner, it was a lot of fun to explore at night, to see everyone out and about and to see all the "older" casinos.
Strip: We did a lot of exploring of the strip as well mostly at night, seeing the Cosmopolitan, the Venetian, Caesar's Palace, and exploring the other casinos. It was awesome and definitely go see the water show, the volcano show outside and free. I can't think of many places that have that kind of entertainment without paying for anything.
Gambling: I spent a lot of time walking down to the El Cortez (cheaper gambling and better odds). I know it's Las Vegas, but El Cortez felt like an old timey casino, (smoke and all), as opposed to something like Caesar's or the Venetian felt like a new casino. I say gamble at all of them, but If you want to play for a longer time, why not play the $3 crap games (with 10x odds)? I also played a little bit of D's old casino (2nd level) and played the horse betting game for a quarter. That was a lot of fun too.
Shows: We went to a good number of shows: Mystere- Loved this one honestly, it was probably one of the best shows we went to, I've been to a couple Cirque Du Soleil but you can definitely see why this is the first permanent show. I didn't expect a whole lot from this show so that may be why I was pretty impressed.
Penn & Teller- Great show, great magic can't really say anything bad about the show except the price of a drink was high. They came out afterwards to meet the fans, and it's obvious why they've had such a long stay in Vegas.
Absinthe- Good, it very much felt like an underground Cirque Du Soleil show, great jokes, great performance all around, very intimate space. I see why it has such great reviews and this subreddit recommends it so much. My biggest complaint is actually the seating, I sat at the end of a row, as there was a bigger guy (who took up more then his seat), then my friend is a bigger guy as well, so I was very squished, and the seats are the hard metal ones, so that was very uncomfortable seating arrangement.
O- So, We were kind of lost as to what show to see as our last performance, and we picked O after the great experience seeing Mystere, and honestly we were fairly disappointed in this performance. It did not feel as polished or as well preformed as the Mystere show. We saw several accidents that were clearly not part of the show from performers being dropped to the fire for one of the jugglers not being lit, so he was just waving around a stick. I was really surprised at how much I was disappointed in this show and expected more. I hope that my experience was more of a fluke then anything else.
Transportation: Don't do the bus, just don't. We tried it and it was just so slow and unreliable. Uber just recently started and we had fairly good success with Uber, although only being able to pick up a Uber at certain parts was fairly annoying on the strip. We several times wanted to just call an Uber to pick us up at a certain part, but had to walk across the entire casino to get to the right spot, as opposed to a cab who we could wave down, or pick up from anywhere. I still think Uber is the best way to go, just be aware of it.
Overall I had a great time, and met a lot of crazy performers, saw some great shows, saw some great locations.
Request: So, I did make a slight mistake and was wondering if anyone felt like helping me out, I was gambling at the Rio, and forgot to cash out my last voucher. Is anyone willing to cash it out for me (or buy it from or something?) It's only for $25.23 so not a lot of money but I see no reason to give the casino money for nothing. :)
Anyway, Thanks for all your input and reviews to help me plan my trip /vegas. It was great!
TL;DR Great Time! Go see Mystere and Penn & Teller! It was worth it. Experience Freemont (while there's a bunch of performers)
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Trying to plan a Vegas trip for ~20 people.

I've never been to Vegas so I'm a bit lost here, but here are the basic details:
I'm trying to figure out:
Aside from that, do y'all have any tips for first timers to Vegas?
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Fremont Hotel and Casino - YouTube Las Vegas Fremont Hotel & Casino room 1028 review - YouTube Fremont Hotel & Casino: Tour inside Deluxe Room Las Vegas The Circa Hotel & Casino & Fremont Street - YouTube Fremont Hotel & Casino Las Vegas 4K - YouTube Fremont Hotel & Casino - YouTube Fremont Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas) review: December 2019 ... Fremont, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Das „Fremont Hotel and Casino" begrüßt Sie in verkehrsgünstiger Lage im Stadtzentrum von Las Vegas. Sie wohnen direkt an der Fremont Street und direkt im Herzen der Fremont Street Experience. Nach einer 10-minütigen Fahrt erreichen Sie das Kongress- und Ausstellungszentrum Sands. In 6,5 km gelangen Sie zum Las Vegas National Gold Club. Umgebung des Hotels 0,32 km 10,11 km 0. 00 EUR. inkl ... Dieses Hotel mit 3 Sternen bietet Ihnen einen angenehmen Aufenthalt in Las Vegas. Freuen Sie sich auf kostenloses WLAN, kostenlose Parkplätze und 4 Restaurants. Die Gäste loben das hilfsbereite Personal und das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis in unseren Bewertungen. Einige beliebte Sehenswürdigkeiten – Four Queens Casino und Mob Museum – befinden sich in der Nähe. Fremont Hotel & Casino details section: This casino is found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fremont Hotel & Casino has a total of 1063 gaming machines and 24 table games for your entertainment. World Casino Directory also books casino hotel reservations in Las Vegas. You will also find pictures of Fremont Hotel & Casino or see the latest news headlines about Fremont Hotel & Casino on this page. Fremont Hotel & Casino • 200 Fremont Street • Las Vegas, NV 89101 • 702-385-3232 Don't let the game get out of hand. For Assistance call 800-522-4700. Das bietet Ihre Unterkunft: Das "Fremont Hotel & Casino" bietet 38 Suiten, 238 Einzel- und 171 Doppelzimmer. Die Rezeption ist 24 Stunden geöffnet. Es ist ein Aufzug vorhanden, mit dem die meisten Stockwerke erreichbar sind. Ein Safe, eine Wechselstube, ein Zeitungskiosk, ein Wäscheservice und 4 Konferenzräume stehen den Reisenden des Hotels zur Verfügung. Per WiFi (gegen Gebühr) erhalten ... Ab 33€ (4̶1̶€̶) bei Tripadvisor: Fremont Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. 1.326 Bewertungen, 523 authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für Fremont Hotel & Casino. Bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 118 von 282 Hotels in Las Vegas mit 3,5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Die Preise wurden am 4.1.2021 bei einem Ankunftsdatum am 17.1.2021 errechnet. Fremont Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas – Jetzt einfach, schell & sicher buchen bei HOTEL DE! Günstige Preise Exklusive Businessrabatte bis zu 30 % NEU: Miles & More Prämienmeilen bei jeder Buchung! Finden Sie Fremont Hotel & Casino Restaurants in der Gegend von Downtown und anderen Gebieten wie Downtown, The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, California Hotel & Casino und weitere. Reservieren Sie Tische in Restaurants und lesen Sie Bewertungen. Fremont Hotel & Casino • 200 Fremont Street • Las Vegas, NV 89101 • 702-385-3232 Don't let the game get out of hand. For Assistance call 800-522-4700. Fremont Hotel & Casino. 37 $ Preis pro Nacht, zuzüglich Steuern und Gebühren. 37 $ 22 % Rabatt 47 $ 3-Sterne-Hotel. 200 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 • (702) 385-3232 Website Route Teilen. Verfügbarkeit prüfen. 4,3 Sehr gut 11.346 Rezensionen. Pool. 76 % ähnlicher Hotels in der Nähe haben einen Pool. Leckeres Frühstück. Das Frühstück in diesem Hotel hat den Gästen gefallen ...

[index] [10780] [22544] [22026] [25457] [1033] [931] [27944] [17404] [15785] [16919]

Fremont Hotel and Casino - YouTube

Colin & I took a tour of Fremont Hotel & Casino. We did get busted by security but went back in to finish for you! Hope you enjoy our tour. THANKS for watchi... Our deluxe room at the Fremont Hotel & Casino. Tour our guestroom #458 A hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada which offers rooms right along the Fremont Street Experience with a limited view. Support the channel by donating with Patreon: Donation Via Paypal: https://t... Room tour of the king room at the Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. June 2017. This is from my 20 day Solo Las Vegas Birthday trip, March / April 2016Thank you for Watching, Please like and Subscribe Walk with us as we take a stroll down Fremont Street and check out the progress of the newest Hotel and Casino Circa. Camera link - T... Located in the heart of the Fremont Street Experience, the Fremont Hotel & Casino serves as the backdrop for movie and TV shows, special events and nightly h... Located in the heart of the Fremont Street Experience, the Fremont Hotel & Casino serves as the backdrop for movie and TV shows, special events and nightly high-tech sound and light productions ... Fremont Hotel and Casino 200 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States of America You can make reservation here: Room tour and review of Fremont Hotel from my three night stay in December 2019.